Welcome to Salty.IO

Salty.IO is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum which includes Zero Fees and Native Swap Protection on all swaps. The exchange is fully decentralized at launch, has been comprehensively audited and was launched on April 21st.

Key Technical Innovations

  • Zero Fees: Automatically generated arbitrage profits take the place of traditional swap fees and are distributed to liquidity providers, allowing for Zero Fees on all swaps.

  • Native Swap Protection: Salty.IO's includes built-in protection against sandwich attacks and pricing manipulation. Please see "Making Sandwich Attack Inedible with Salty.IO" for more details.

  • True Decentralization: At deployment, Salty.IO is governed entirely by its DAO - with all contracts, parameters, regional exclusions, whitelisting, and functionality controlled by the DAO itself.

Key Design Features

  • SALT Token Economics: The SALT token serves both as a utility and governance token, with a capped supply of 100 million tokens, limited emissions and deflationary mechanisms.

  • Fair Launch: The project avoids both pre-sales and VC funding, opting for a fair launch that builds supply using airdrops, liquidity bootstrapping rewards and emissions.

  • Comprehensive Auditing: Salty.IO has been audited by Trail of Bits, ABDK, and Code4rena.

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