Acquiring xSALT

SALT can be staked to acquire xSALT. Staked SALT is immediately converted to xSALT at a 1 to 1 ratio (with 100 staked SALT yielding 100 xSALT for example).

xSALT in non-transferrable and unstaking xSALT for the original amount of staked SALT requires an unstaking period of 52 weeks.

Expedited unstaking periods are also possible - but yield less than 100% of the original staked amount of SALT. The shortest expedited unstake duration is two weeks - but only results in 20% of the original amount of staked SALT being claimable.

When expedited unstaking is used any unclaimed SALT tokens are burnt.

All parameters related to staking and unstaking are adjustable by the DAO.

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