Automatic Swap Process

When a trade is placed on Salty.IO:

  1. The usual swap is made. USDC for WETH for instance. Price movement is the same as you would expect on any DEX.

  2. The smart contract then checks other pools on Salty.IO to see if an arbitrage opportunity exists with the recently made swap.

  3. If an arbitrage opportunity exists, a series of trades are made - booking an arbitrage profit.

All of this happens automatically within the same transaction. The user placing the swap doesn't notice anything different. Their swap occurs as expected and they get the token they want at the price they expect. Slippage for the user is the same as on any k=x*y DEX.

The swap, arbitrage search, and multi-pool arbitrage are heavily optimized and use a total of 115k gas within a single transaction (less gas than simple vanilla swaps on most other DEXs).

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