Fair Launch

Salty.IO will launch fairly, with liquidity pools building slowly as SALT emissions and rewards are emitted into the ecosystem. There were no investors, and no SALT pre-sale before launch.

The initial bootstrapping rewards of 8 million SALT (for liquidity providers and xSALT holders) will be distributed at the default rate of 0.75% per day (initially 60k per day).

Emissions themselves will initially be released at a rate of 260k SALT per week (a default .50% per week of the 51 million SALT emissions).

The 6 million SALT airdrop will be released over a 52 week vesting period.

Because the circulating supply will initially be so small, it can be expected that there will be significant initial volatility of the SALT token. All users are advised to keep this in mind during the launch.

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