From launch, the DAO has complete ownership and comprehensive control over Salty.IO.

Voting power is obtained by staking SALT for xSALT with every xSALT equaling one vote.

Holding a minimum amount of xSALT is required for making new governance proposals (amount adjustable by the DAO). To provide ample time for a staking baseline to be established proposals are only possible 45 days after deployment.

The DAO has the following capabilities:

  • Token whitelisting and unwhitelisting

  • Establishing and removing regional exclusions by country if deemed necessary

  • Sending SALT to specified wallets (up to 5% of DAO balance)

  • Calling external contracts (via an explicit callFromDAO method)

  • Updating the AccessManager contract

  • Updating the active IPFS link for the website

  • Making extensive parameter changes to the protocol

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