6 million SALT will be airdropped to users who hold Salty Points. Salty Points are engagement points for Salty.IO with more points being held resulting in more airdrop received. The airdrop distribution is divided into two phases:

① 3 million SALT distributed at launch (to Salty Points holders). ② 3 million SALT distributed 45 days after launch (to Salty Points holders).

SALT distribution is linearly vested over 52 weeks with multiple claims available at any point.

Salty Points in the second phase will be separate from Salty Points in the first phase.

Airdrop recipients vote on the Bootstrap Ballot which is held April 18th - 20th. More details on earning Salty Points are available at

Please note that the following regions are excluded from participating in the Airdrop: Canada, United Kingdom, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela.

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